The hair Growth Cycle

The Hair Follicle

The hair follicle goes through a number of different stages before falling out. Keeping your hair follicles healthy will thicken your hair.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Each hair has a natural cycle of growth. Lengthening the healthy stage of this cycle will increase overall hair coverage.

Pattern Baldness

As many at 74% of women will suffer from Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) at some time during their lives.

My Hair Regrowth System

Specifically formulated for ladies

My Hair Regrowth System is a Minoxidil based unique and proprietary blend of ingredients .

Minoxidil is shown to stimulate hair growth and can thicken thinning hairs.

Most products containing minoxidil are formulated for men and so contain too much active ingredient for women. My Hair Regrowth System is specifically formulated for women who are suffering from Female Pattern Hair Loss.

The full 2 month course costs £119.90 plus P&P. Your card will be charged initially for the £59.95 plus shipping of £4.95 on day 1, and then again on day 31 for £59.95 for the second months supply.

  • Formulated for ladies
  • Easy to apply
  • Clinically Proven ingredient

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